Experimental Analysis

Laboratory, On-Site Measurements

The IHS offers a wide range of services in the field of flow measurement. Here we inform you among other things about the equipment of our laboratory.
Contact information:

Please direct requests to Dr.-Ing. O. Kirschner.


In the laboratory of the institute different permanently installed test rigs are available for various experimental investigations. In all test rigs, the flow characteristics of valves, pumps and turbines are measured. Thanks to a large number of measuring instruments with a wide variety of measuring principles and the selection of test rigs, very different measuring application are possible in the laboratory.

An excerpt of activities carried out:

  • Creation of hill charts
  • Velocity measurement with LDA and PIV
  • Expreimental investigation of cavitation
  • Expreimental investigation of the transient operating of
  • Acoustic emission measurements

Closed loop test rig

  Max. discharge Max. pressure
Pumps in serial operation Qmax = 0,25 m³/s pmax = 10 bar
Pumps in parallel operation Qmax = 0,5 m³/s pmax = 5 bar

Table 1: Operating data of the closed loop test rig.

Open loop test rig

  Discharge Pressure
Small low pressure open loop test rig Q = 0,025 m³/s p = 7 bar
Big low pressure open loop test rig Q1 = 0,83 m³/s
Q2 = 0,28 m³/s
Q3 = 0,17 m³/s
p1 = 0,7 bar
p2 = 4 bar
p3 = 8 bar
High pressure open loop test rig Q= 0,02 m³/s p = 55 bar

Table 2: Operating data of the pumps of open loop test rigs


A workshop is available at the institute for the construction and production of test stands and test rigs. It is equipped with conventional cutting machines, welders and various power tools. The workshop employees have many years of experience in handling turbomachinery and measuring technology.

Other equipment

In addition to the water test rigs, a small wind tunnel is also available for experiments. In addition to the fixed test rigs described above, several smaller pumps and pipes are still available in the laboratory to allow flexible short-term test rigs with lower flow rates.

Measurements on site

With the large number of measuring devices with different measuring principles, flexible measuring campaigns can also be implemented in difficult locations. Examples of measurements already taken:

  • Efficiency measurements on hydroelectric power plants
  • Checking the control quality of hydropower plants
  • Efficiency measurements on pumps
  • Sound measurement and acoustic spectral analysis
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